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Sparkling Wines - a new attraction from Greek Winemakers

Visit a Capers Farmer on Santorin Island

My Island Hopping Tour Begins on Beautiful Paros

In September, together with 6 IFWTWA colleagues, I will be on a 10-day tour of the Greek islands of Paros, Ios, Milos, and Alonissos. We will learn something of each island’s history, taste its traditional foods and wines, speak with the …

Solidarity with Greece

My article about the new construction plans of Plateia Elefterias in Thessaloniki

In the German Jewish General Newspaper I am writing about the first serious attempts of Thessaloniki's mayor to create on Freedom Place the most important memorial on the remembrance of the Jews of Thessaloniki.

Greece Journal , the new magazine of the german newspaper in Athens

Read true stories about Greece. Greece experts are writing about people, lifestyle, food. Go with them on a journey through Greece.

News about the International Filmfestival of Thessaloniki

on the December Magazine of the german Filmmagazine Filmdienst

Just chits

this is the title of my last story in "Freio", a book that comes out once a year and is focused on one special topic in every edition. This time it gathers stories about chits, piece of papers.

Kavafis in Berliner Tagesspiegel

In the year of Kavafis the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel printed my article on the greek poet. Read the attached pdf in german.

My feature about the first solidarity medical office in Thessaloniki

"I cant afford a normal doctor"

My story about searching for truffles with greek children on the woods of mount Olymp

Click the button Radio to hear my piece.

My feature: Back to agriculture

Greece way out of the Crisis?

The German Rundschau in Canada prints my story about the innovative Tobacco farmers from the greek village Domenico

My idea was to follow farmer Jiannis during his daily work and to present his unique idea in Greece. I was sure, the Canadian readers know much about a good Cigar.

About an unbelievable rescue operation

My story about the jewish community of Katerini city, you will find in the German Newspaper of Athens

Kastoria Part II

The second part of my story about the city of Kastoria in the GRIECHENLANDZEITUNG in Athens

Sani - a remarkable outstanding luxury place to spend your holidays

In nothern Greece on the first finger of Halkidiki lays one of the most exclusive Resorts of Greece.
Not everybody can afford to stay there. But if you do so, you will experience Greece of its best sides.

Manager Magazin in Germany mentions my Mount Athos Book

Uta Petersen met me on Halkidiki Peninsula in June 2012 where we had a long discussion about the cultural traditions on greek cuisine.

In Swiss magazine "Ellinika" - my Hommage about Thessaloniki

In summer 2012 the "Ellinika" Magazine, which is printed in Switzerland is dedicated to Thessaloniki. The northern Metropole is celebrating this year her 100 anniversary after the liberation of the Ottoman 1912


Springtime in Greece

Recipies from the Garden of Mary

My second book was presented on May 2011 during the bookfair of Thessaloniki. It found a huge interest by the readers because it has been written by a woman.

Hellas friends in Bern

Olive - Culinary weekly Magazine from BBC in Greece

Article on my latest book Recipies from the Garden of Mary

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