A writing life

Can you imagine a life without writing? Not me!

Marianthi Milona was born 1965 in Thessaloniki.
She studied German and English Literature in the University of Cologne/Germany. She has worked as a journalist since 1990. First for the daily News of Deutsche Welle and then for WDR Broadcast. Three years later she started to do freelance work in culture and politics from Greece. At the same time, she started writing reports on travelling in Greece. This is when she decided to live most of the year in Thessaloniki/Greece to be better connected to events in the country.
In April 2001 her first book "Culinaria Greece" appeared in the stores, which very soon was translated in English, French, Netherlands, Swedish, Spanish and Hungarian.
From that time on, she began writing articles for travel books on Greece for different German publishing houses (Polyglott, Merian, Dumont, Baedecker).
In December 2003 she went to the Peloponnese where she took part in the 60 year ceremony dedicated to the Massacre of Kalavrita during World War II. by the German Wehrmacht. She created a 30 minutes documentary for WDR TV about this anniversary.
In the same year, she also started to write for the Greek resort chain "Grecotel."
In 2005 she had the opportunity to work with archeologists in Northern Greece where she is documented their work.
In 2007 she started to write her second book, this time for the Greek publishing house "Potamos." The book "A Journey to the Garden of Mary" was presented at the bookfair of Thessaloniki in March 2011. Marianthi Milona is the first Greek woman who wrote about Mount Athos. She is trying to find a German publisher to bring out the book in German, Russian and English.

Marianthi Milona · Journalistin · Alteburgerstr. 40, 50678 Köln · mobil GR: +30.6972.640464 · mobil D: +49.151.20553695 · e-mail: milonamarie@netcologne.de